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DASCOR is a world leader in providing autonomous data loggers for ruminal research with hundreds of units in use worldwide. Standard LRCpH loggers include support for measuring Temperature, ORP/REDOX, pH, and battery voltage.
DASCOR specializes in the design of custom instrumentation products for OEM and private label clients, as well as small quantity sales of evaluation modules.
DASCOR's expertise spans the complete range of data acquistion, data logging, signal conditioning, and smart transducer interfaces.
DASCOR is also a distributor for sensors from Sensorex, Hygrometrix, Micron Instruments and Micron Meters, and can provide complete, turnkey solutions, including automated calibration systems.
DASCOR works closely with TI/Burr Brown to use their products to implement 4-20 mA current loop and smart transducer interfaces for a wide variety of applications, including evaluation modules.

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